Episode 30: Austin Fitch

Austin is one of those guys I originally encountered in the early nineties at VCU one of wave of people who’d come to Richmond for Art School at VCU formed a band while they were at it. Although Austin has been in many bands since, the first one I saw him in, King Sour is not just a band to me but a capsule of associations that were so quintessentially Richmond around VCU in the nineties. We talk about some of that and his recent resurgence as a painter. Begin side one.(Photo courtesy of Scott Miller)
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Episode 29: Prabir Mehta

Prabir Mehta musician,science afficianado, and biness man. Always I have known he was out there plying his craft making his sounds, cutting his swathe but I never until recently payed a whole lot of attention, my loss. Last summer I checked out Goldrush at Bandwars with Horshead and became an instant fan of his band and now I am a fan if his, period. He’s a righteous fellow and another RVA treasure.

Episode 28: Chuck Wrenn

Chuck Wrenn
Chuck Wrenn is one of the most dynamic dudes I’ve ever known. When I was kid he seemed to have living the good life down to a science. I don’t know anyone who has made as much of a continuing contribution to the cultural cornerstone of live music in Richmond. As a 30 year contributor to the great neighborhood get together that was High on the Hog he was part of a group of neighbors that gave something special to the people of Church Hill and Richmond that was a huge part of my upbringing, an annual fall ritual, a bachanaal of beer and butts that gets me all misty when I think about it. As the CPC always used to say E BOGUS BETTERI!(oh and I stole this picture from Terry Rea that’s him and Chuck back in the day)

Episode 27: Scott Hudgins

Scott Studui

Although I’ve known Scott for years I haven’t until this conversation linked together his, dare I say, legacy in the Richmond music scene. He has been in Brainflower, Slang Laos, Tulsa Drone and Hex Machine, to name a few…and that’s just a few. Lately he’s been working in the electronic medium as ENE. By the way I chose this picture above because it embodies for me the way Scott’s been there in the greater context of the musical fabric of RVA.. always somewhere in the pic, guitar in hand,foot on the pedal never ever false metal….anyway.

Episode 26: Parker S. Galore VIII

PArker and Amanda
Parker is a ringmaster and ringleader of Gallery 5, the Carnival of 5 Fires and a founder of RVAMAG. He is painter in his own right and a “Burner”. I talked to him in the offices of Gallery 5 and got some insight into what has motivated his numerous projects as well his connection to Burning Man and the culture that continues to exist when the burners leave the desert. Fire in the hole.(Photo courtesy of Jay Paul)