Episode 20: Chris Irving

Here there be nerds. Chris is a writer and scholar of the comic book and graphic novel medium, Chris’ Website features interviews with creators of comic books and graphic novels going back decades and continuing up to the present. He is also the author of several books including Leaping Tall Buildings and an introspective of Peter Bagge creator of Hate. He has recently moved back to Richmond from New York and is originally from Farmville, which true-to-form he likens to Smallville. We just met a few days before this but, great thing about comic books, often they create instant friendships. We get xtra tantric fanboystyleee. Prepare thyself.

Episode 19: James Menefee

James M
James is the singer of Long Arms and formerly River City High. I’ve always liked the guy..well let’s be honest Ive also been a hater of his flirtation with the big time as a musician. He has enjoyed more success in rock and roll than many from this town, but really it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. We talk music. I get on a soapbox at the end, he takes his lecture well and everybody leaves smiling. I did anyway and that’s really all that matters.


Episode 18: Taylor Steele

Taylor Steele

Look I’m not gonna front there are people probably more qualified to talk to Taylor Steele about his past as one of the more significant contributors to Richmond counterculture in the 80s and 90s. I wanted to know more about the guy having heard his name mentioned by many especially recent guests on this show, but I lack a certain literacy when it comes to talking about this era. I enjoyed the hell out of meeting and getting to know Taylor a little and I intend to dig deeper into this story and the players in it going forward.For now we have this friendly chat about RVA then and now, so this will have to do…ok? Geez


Episode 17: Chris Milk

BUnny Hop Chris
Chris and I have known each other a long time, the length of time where friendship becomes something more like family and therefore more contentious. Of all of my friends Chris has had the most profound effect on me. As an artist, his example has influenced me to try not to take myself so seriously and to just do it….to mixed results. I’ve been a big fan for a long time,the way he has done his thing, explored his art lived his life, written music, created puppet shows, dropped trou’. Since college when I saw him dressed as Twinkie the Kid at his High School graduation, he has kind of embodied for me the prankster, the rebel and the fool, but most importantly, the idea that art is about being yourself and being able to laugh at yourself. Stick around til the end for a preview of a song from his next puppet show.


Episode 16: Abby Harper Slate

abby and me
Abby is an old friend and Punchline personality. I haven’t seen her since that era at the turn of the century in Richmond, Virgina. (That’s cool how we can say that and it means the year 2000.) We’ve both voyaged far and wide since those days. As I encounter her now, our lives very different, she married with child living in the country, I bachelor, quixotically engaged in this undertaking, I find we are ever more able to relate and spend an afternoon turning over the mysteries of life than one would think.I am reminded of a very important lesson by Abby.We all need to let go of the horses we can’t have. (You’ll see what I mean)

Episode 15: Dave Brockie

brave dockie
Dave Brockie obviously belongs to throngs of fans as Oderus Urungus in Gwar, but to me he’s a Richmonder I admired as a young long hair in the nineties and later enjoyed as a fellow lover of metal, punk and humor. He’s a fascinating guy without the costume. I could have spent several hours talking to him but he’s a busy guy. Gwar is a machine that keeps rolling as a band and keeps a lot of people employed as a business. He’s another great example of RVA iconoclasm and success on a path I bet no-one, including Dave, would have believed could become a 30 year career.


Episode 14: Kathleen Brady


Kathleen Brady. My Yoga teacher and one of the hosts and organizers of Secretly Y’all at Balliceaux. We had a humid chat in her Monument Ave. apartment about Yoga, stories,travel, dance and gardening. Good times. I think KB is a delightful personality and her contributions to RVA life are subtle and varied and good. Check her out she’s all right by me.

Itunes here kids

Episode 13: Herschel Stratego


Herschel Stratego is a local song and dance man and wit who I knew almost nothing about going into this interview. I’d met him in person once during a failed attempt to take part in the 48 hour film festival. We had a great talk interrupted by some drama in my house/studio that would have been way more dour if it weren’t for the power of a man with a Ukelele. Stick around Herschel gives TC it’s first “In Studio” performance. Ha cha cha cha.

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