Episode 51: Paul DiPasquale

Paul D
Paul DiPasquale is a sculptor who has put a monumental stamp on Richmond. He has created some large iconic pieces that are as familiar as they are in some cases controversial. Connecticut his Native American piece that currently regards the James river from a perch atop the old Lucky Strike building has been in Richmond long enough that for me it has become something quintessential, though as I learned during this conversation, it had a previous life elsewhere. This conversation made me aware of the scope and role his art has played in Richmond as well as his contribution as a consultant and an influence to city policy toward public art. I also managed to get something else unintended but necessary to me just regarding the city through his eyes.

Episode 50: Mo Karnage

Mo is an anarchist and political activist. I first became aware of Mo watching Mo go before city council to battle the privatization of Monroe Park and have since kept an eye on Mo’s other causes, mainly through Facebook. Mo is involved in Food not Bombs and lives in a sort of commune known as Wingnut. Mo is pretty left of me but I think ultimately we value the same trajectory for our city, people helping other people and connecting to create alternatives to the way the urban landscape has been clumsily manipulated but myopia and political ambition. I am just way more lazy.


Episode 49: Ward Harrison

This is my man Ward from an afternoon over t’ my place, strong coffee, “nucleotides and name dropping” was the phrase he coined. I meant to get this up before Los Ramones played at En Su Boca but I failed. Ward is of the Hackensaw Boys as well but..well, you’ll see, I mean hear, you’ll hear what’s up with that. So Escuchan!

Episode 48: Tannon Penland

Tannon axe

Tannon Penland is a guitar player in the band Loincloth he’s been one of the known knowns and known unknowns in the various strata of the layered avant metal music scene in Richmond, Virginia. He’s been in and into many bands over the years that I have heard referenced but was just uncool enough not to quite be able to put my finger on. Pledge Alleigance, Kenmores, Gauchiste and to name a few. This is one of those times when I do a little research to post the “cast and realize that could have been a cooler chat if I’d done this beforehand,*sigh*. Well it was a cool chat I just missed the opportunity to ask about things that would have been interesting to hear about. When will I ever learn? Never, because I’m a, lazy, lazy man and this is my podcast and I’ll cry if I want to.