Episode 25: Coby Batty

Coby Batty
Coby is a self-professed shaman, musician, actor, vagabond and Richmond icon. I have known him longer than I remember and maybe longer than that. He came over on a sunny fall Sunday and we got into some T.C. in the afternoon, talking about The Fugs and his recent acting roles and philosophy or in my case sophistry. Try to keep-up and if you’re not careful you just might learn something.
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Episode 24: Sorvino

Mike”Sorvino” Bauer is a world travelling tour manager and local guitar hero. He’s played in many bands but his baby is Channel 43, who recently released a record from the vaults of their Ellwood days. Over the years Sorv hit me up when he came through the Twin Cities with various bands he was leading through wilds of the touring landscape and it was always great to see his big grinning mug. Mike check.

Episode 23: Ricky Tubb

Ricky is a versatile musician, engineer and guitar tech. He’s been in Richmond bands since his Benedictine days and experienced the trajectory of signed musician that seems to be shared by many others. I’ve been checking in with him since we first met in the late nineties and have always enjoyed his readiness with some witty repartee. Most recently I saw him with his new band Glass Twin, which I dug immensely. Enjoy.


Episode 22: Marty Key

Marty Key
Marty Key is a musician, DJ and owner of Steady Sounds a fantastic record store in downtown Richmond, Va. We are contemporaries and yet I had forgotten about all the bands he’s played in from The Young Pioneers to Trixie Delicious and the Lot Lizards and most recently on the national scale as a pharmacist in Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. I went to see Marty at his store and we had a bull session up in the mezzanine there. Go visit his shop and let him be your guy that turns you on to the records that you tell some Podcast guy about when you grow up. May the circle be unbroken.


Episode 21: Kevin Inge

Kevin BW
Kevin is a founding member of Horsehead and one of my other favorite (now defunct) Richmond bands Dragstrip Syndicate. He’s a great guitar player and a hell of a guy. I don’t know too many people who are as relentlessly solid as this dude. I did this sit down with him and then ran into him several times around this posting and every time I came away thinking, I could learn a thing or two from this guy about being all-right with shit, which a girl once told me was probably the most attractive thing anyone could be.So what I’m saying is, he’s hot.