Episode 12: Cam DiNunzio

Cam DiNunzio is another of the folks I am visiting who contributed to the late great Punchline Paper. Cam is a musician who has had a varied career with bands and other pursuits related to his love of music. Today, as with many of the people that interest me, he has channeled his efforts into a career and life less about variety and more about consistency. I find this transition fascinating and one not frequently celebrated in the arc of a guitar player’s life. Bravas.


Episode 11: John Morgan


John Morgan former calendar editor for Punchline and currently at the helm of Onewayrichmond.com. John is lovely fellow full of wit and earnestly dedicated to highlighting every musical event occurring in the Richmond area. He is doing the big work of making sure no stone goes unturned in his quest to be the most thorough compendium of weekly events online and we need every excuse we can find not to take that one way trip he flirted with many years ago. Glad you changed your mind, Nagrom.

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John Morgan

Episode 10: Dave Wyndorf


For the tenth episode an interview from the dusty annals of time. Dave Wyndorf recorded from a phone interview almost ten years ago in Southern California. The band, Monster Magnet was out on tour in support of Monolithic Baby looks like mid-career from where we sit now. A couple of podcasts back Ryan Muldoon and I talk about this guy who we both have a certain fondness for and I’d recalled a few things from the talk but we got way more in depth than I remembered. A great time for psyche rock nerds and fun for the whole family.
(Keep listening through the interruptions it picks up again.)

Dave Wyndorf

Episode 9: Jon Goldberg


Punchline week continues with Jon Goldberg. Jonny G. Old friend, brother, bother, and brogham. Jon has circled the globe pursuing the perfect font and knows his way round the art of the communicative image. Jon was the art director at Punchline midway through his career and trajectory through the world of advertising and branding. Hes got his own agency now and his own house and a wife and a dog and it still blows my mind he ain’t the guy who used to hog my sega genesis for hours on end while drinking all my beer. Ecoutez.

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Jon Goldberg

Episode 8: Ryan Muldoon


Ryan Muldoon former staff writer for Punchline Magazine and current writer of the blog Revolt of The Apes . Apparently I’m on a “where are they now?” run with the Punchline crew. And why not? Ryan and I are friends but haven’t spoken much in the last 10 years. We spent a lot of time talking and barely scratched the surface. It ain’t over yet, hell naw it ain’t.(Warning:serious geeking out ahead.)

Ryan Muldoon FX


Episode 7: Pete Humes

pete of arabia

Pete Humes was Editor of Punchline and Brick weekly. He’s a writer,artist and wit. Pete made a big contribution to the cultural underpinnings of Richmond. I tend to think he helped to usher in something that seems to have grown it’s own legs in this town. I don’t know what to call that thing but it wasn’t there before Punchline. He may never have sought out the role but he played it well. Recognize.

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Pete Humes

Episode 6: Tommy Van Auken


Tommy Van Auken is a painter living here in Richmond Virginia. One of the few guys I know who has made a decent go of it for a while as an artist living the life here in the “velvet coffin”. I’ve always been impressed with the rock star way he went about being a painter very SOHO eighties long hair motorcycle rider paint jockey. Listen to us talk crap about art I’m a dilettante and a half but I think I hang ok. Check out his art:

Tommy’s page

tommy v

Episode 5: Randy Robinson Part 2

randy ad

This is the second hour of our conversation. Its a little more in depth and a little more candid. Leave a comment, unless it’s about the sound I had some difficulties to iron out. So shut up. Listen it it here, download it here or find it on itunes

Randy Robinson Part 2

Episode 4: Greta Brinkman


Greta Brinkman is a career musician and music lover who currently enjoys a nice perch in the Richmond area having toured in major bands and traveled the world. She is playing and recording with the Doom Metal band Druglord and hosts a radio show on WRIR Richmond Independent Radio called Locals Only. Greta has been a witness to many cycles and passages in pop culture and music and has an interesting perspective on what it means to be a musician these days. This is as good of an example of conversational riffing as I could hope for and I enjoyed it, hope you do too.

Greta Brinkman

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