Episode 53: Terry Rea

Chuck Wrenn

Hey, Terry Rea is one of the great contributors to Richmond counterculture and sports you can easily do while not spilling your beer. He has been involved in broadcasting, film, design,politics and invective for many decades now. Currently he is one of the most outspoken voices on the issue of Shockoe Stadium not screwing with the Diamond and everything else that goes along with the fight. He has even created his own event/protest/stunt Ring Around the Diamond to take place on Sunday August 3rd at the Diamond. Vote with your dignity and join hands around our concrete friend and show those mean pigs how much we love it.

P.S. He’s the one on the left


Episode 52: Carol Piersol

Carol is the former Artistic Director of the Firehouse Theatre and has started a new company called the Fifth Wall Theatre with actor Billy-Christopher Maupin. Over the last few month I have seen two of her newest productions and found myself wondering why the hell I haven’t paid more attention to theatre in general. It’s immediate and visceral and a little intimidating sometimes but always illuminating. Carol through her years of involvement in Richmond theatre has brought challenging and fresh productions to a city that has been fondly referred to as 30 years behind everywhere else and from her I get some insight into what theatre can be and how much better I could be at listening to it and everyone else.

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