Episode 34: Dusty Ray Simmons

nother dusty
Dusty Ray Simmons or Dusty is a ridiculously ubiquitous guy in the Richmond music scene the bands I can name off of the top of my head that he’s been in include: Gravy-V, Dj Williams Projekt, Skydog, The Big Payback, The Rootdowns and now Fear of Music(a Talking Heads tribute band). He’s a great dude and one I am always happy to run into. Positive in the extreme and charming to the last. Start the click track.

1 thought on “Episode 34: Dusty Ray Simmons

  1. Energetically jazzed conversation. Love the idea of music education spots throughout neighborhoods in richmond ciry! Seems like this has been in the incubator for some time now. Excited to see it bloom. 😉

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