Episode 89: Daniel Klein Part 1

Daniel is my neighbor over here in the Easy E as I like to call the east end . I affectionately refer to him as the “hipster homesteader “ he has a fantastic garden including cornfields planted in the easement along his side street and he raises chickens . This skill in urban farming he’s turned into a consultation business called Marigold. He’s also a carpenter, musician and social activist .  Whenever we hang it’s usually a Tantric Conversation so I thought it’s time to get one one recorded . It’s a two parter and I think a valuable dialogue between a middle aged guy and a young buck who care about the same things but maybe have different feelings about timetables and methods .

Episode 88: Russ Waterhouse

This is my boy Russ Waterhouse we met in the 90s working for Matador Records . Hes got a band called Blues Control . Check em out . I found out he moved to RVA a few years ago  and we recently renewed our hermanoness. This is a bit of  ”remember when ” jam but whatever it’s free .

Episode 87 : Clay Blancett

Clay Blancett is a writer, an anarchist, a tradesman, biker and wit. I asked him over on the occasion of the publishing of his first book,  Avenue of Champions a novel set in Richmond based around Clay’s experience as a City of Richmond refuse collector(but not on the regular garbage trucks, the special squad who pick up the big loads. (He said load..). He’s been vexing me on Facebook for some time so it was nice to look him in the eye and find out whats up behind the trolling. Grumpy old men past this point.

Episode 84 : Alison Miller Barber

Meet Alison Miller Barber entrepreneur, writer and sexual liberator(?). This one went awry as many do. I intended to have Alison read her writing instead she read mine, whoops. Still it worked out well, we had a blast. Just remember to check out Throats to the Sky or visit Taboo to get more Alison than you get here.

Episode 83 : Dave DiDonato

Didonato cape

Hey hey this is my man Dave DiDonato he’s a great axe wielder and an interesting dude. We interacted a bit back in the day through Punchline and once I even tried out for a band he was in but until this talk I had a lot of gaps in the timeline. I knew of HRM, The Ultimate Dragons, The Jolly Mortals and Ipecac, but not really. I just knew I related to Dave’s general love for metal but his non metallic demeanor. I’ve been a fan of the dude for a while even without really fully comprehending the depth and breadth of Dave’s musical output from Richmond to Austin, Texas. After this chat I’m even more of one. A one of kind dude.