Episode 69; ) Dana Walters


Dana Walters old friend and Director of Project Yoga Richmond. I have known here for years although we lost touch for about 15 of them. I have recently struck up a new grown-up friendship with Dana and was excited to learn she is involved in Yoga which I both legitimately dig and use as my whole shtick but often fall out of practicing. Since this chat I’ve gotten back into it so, Om, kids and don’t forget to breathe.


Episode 68: Emily Skinner

Emily SkinnerEmily Skinner is a Richmond, Virginia, Church Hill girl I grew up with but haven’t seen in 30 years. She was in town for a production of Mame and stayed in the old neighborhood for a spell. We get together to catch up and talk about the changing face of Church Hill and Richmond as well as the changes time brings to all of us. I don’t know a lot about musical theater but I know she’s good at it and has always had that thing it takes ever since we were kids. So much so I that I don’t think I ever really knew her as more than a sort of performing arts kid. So, we rectify that quite a bit and have 30 years to catch-up on. Enjoy. Oh special paranoid rant to kick of the episode!