Tantric Conversation is a collection of interviews and conversations with people I dig. It is not meant to be confused with or disrespectful to any sort of religious or any truly ritual tantric anything. I am extremely respectful of the Hindu religion and don’t mean to besmirch it with my references. My sense is that it’s a playful religion anyway, after all one of their gods has the head of an elephant.

I do in some ways mean to invoke the meditative aspects of tantra. These conversations are meant to reveal things to the people engaged in them and the people listening to them.

It’s also not about me. I am playing host but I’m trying to lay tracks through this junction. I want all of the people who I talk to and the people who listen to intersect here and collide. I want people to comment and I want there to be assent and dissent. Let’s talk! -Curtis Payne

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