Episode 40: Josh Homme (retro)

This is Josh Homme of Queens of the Stoneage recorded for a print interview I was going to write for the Los Angeles based Varla magazine around 2004, though I suspect it may have been 05, but ten years sound better than 9. I enjoyed this it was never intended for anyone but me to hear and transcribe but I think it’s still listenable as a podcast so dig it. Oh by the way some of it ended up being printed in RVA mag around 06 I think but Varla got stiffed

Episode 39: Kate Macdonald

I recorded this conversation at something of a Punchline reunion party. I had greater ambitions to get more people, but everybody was shy except for Kate. Kate is the wife of my boy Jeyon Falsini and a scholar of eastern religions, who likes to get tantric about tantra. She schools me on some of that stuff. It’s a fun conversation, much briefer than usual. I got her hubby on the mic but they had to get the baby home so it got cut off, this is what remains and its not bad in it’s own right.

Episode 38: Arik Roper

arik and me
Arik is an extremely talented artist who has carved an awesome niche for himself like water carves a niche in stone. He is one of the few people I have known who seems to have always known what he wanted to do and done it. Arik was my best friend and roommate during some formative and bonkers years in NY in the nineties. I cant overstate how much of an influence he had on me at the time. We started our first band together and had many other adventures but I was never as good at sticking with things but hey, somebody had to make him look good.(Photo circa 1996 courtesy of Marc Roth)

Episode 37: Jeff Simmermon

Jeff is a writer comedian and curator of a variety of live performers. His “And I am not Lying” variety show has been a thing for a while up in the Big City and Jeff has appeared on the Moth Radio Hour and This American Life. Most recently he’s been doing stand-up which brought him to town around Xmas for a show at Coalition Theatre. Look him up. He’s a sweetheart.

Episode 36: Bob Gorman

Bobb pit
Bob Gorman is a member of Gwar, while not a founding member he’s been involved since early days. Bobby doesn’t play an instrument but he is instrumental in the entire production from costume design, to production, to tour management to business management. In addition to his contributions to Gwar he is an artist in his own right a filmmaker and documentarian. Look out for his Gwar retrospective and contribute it if you got some old footage.