Episode 31: Beau Butler

beau jump
Beau Butler the Flava Flav of Avail is one of the most memorable characters I have known in this town. Regular followers of this podcast will note that I wasn’t much of a hardcore, hardcore punk or just plain punk fan coming up, so I was aware of Beau and Avail mostly as something to avoid as a likely occasion for violence. It wasn’t until I was 300 miles away in NY working as the night manager of a music venue that I finally saw Avail and that there weren’t nuthin to be skeert of. I had a great time sitting down and butting heads with Beau, its a podmosh.(photo Chris Boarts Larson, duh)

Episode 18: Taylor Steele

Taylor Steele

Look I’m not gonna front there are people probably more qualified to talk to Taylor Steele about his past as one of the more significant contributors to Richmond counterculture in the 80s and 90s. I wanted to know more about the guy having heard his name mentioned by many especially recent guests on this show, but I lack a certain literacy when it comes to talking about this era. I enjoyed the hell out of meeting and getting to know Taylor a little and I intend to dig deeper into this story and the players in it going forward.For now we have this friendly chat about RVA then and now, so this will have to do…ok? Geez