Episode 36: Bob Gorman

Bobb pit
Bob Gorman is a member of Gwar, while not a founding member he’s been involved since early days. Bobby doesn’t play an instrument but he is instrumental in the entire production from costume design, to production, to tour management to business management. In addition to his contributions to Gwar he is an artist in his own right a filmmaker and documentarian. Look out for his Gwar retrospective and contribute it if you got some old footage.

Episode 15: Dave Brockie

brave dockie
Dave Brockie obviously belongs to throngs of fans as Oderus Urungus in Gwar, but to me he’s a Richmonder I admired as a young long hair in the nineties and later enjoyed as a fellow lover of metal, punk and humor. He’s a fascinating guy without the costume. I could have spent several hours talking to him but he’s a busy guy. Gwar is a machine that keeps rolling as a band and keeps a lot of people employed as a business. He’s another great example of RVA iconoclasm and success on a path I bet no-one, including Dave, would have believed could become a 30 year career.