Episode 75 : Bob Nastanovich

Bob N

Bob Nastanovich is a former member of Pavement and the Silver Jews. He’s been a tour manager, a horse racing afficianado and is an all around charming dude. One of the most enthusiastic lovers of music I’ve ever met and one of the only people I can’t recall ever seeing without a massive grin on his face and wink in his eye. He spent his teen years in RVA and though he has long since flown the coop. He returns to roost every now and then to see family and this is when I snared him into doing my show. Its starting to be a tradition that I grab these Richmond ex-pats when they get sucked back by the holiday family vortex. The Garden State effect or something. This time out he spun some records at Balliceaux and helped raise some money for Feedmore. I hadn’t seen him since the 90’s when I worked at the label his band was on and I have to admit I was fairly surprised it was so easy to set this up. It’s about as ADD a podcast gets but a damn good time with an awesome bloke.

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