Episode 55 : Sean Harris


Sean or as he is affectionately known by those who have affection for him, “Scene” is a Guitar Player, Bass Player, Pizza Maker and perennial wit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the guy without a kind of knowing wink and a smirk on his face, a charming one of course. He was in the incubator for a distinctly Richmond musical form some refer to as ” Math Rock” but as I reflect on it would seem to me the way these guys played with time was the way comedians play with timing, so maybe it could use another name, Prat-Rock? Get it? Like Prat Fall…no? I don’t know I’ll work on that… Sean was a member of Pledge Allegiance, Butterglove, Ladyfinger, Human Thurma, The Rams and Man Again and is now writing and performing as Snakes on Champagne. We get a little sip of that on the podcast if you want the whole bottle hes on Reverbnation under Snakes on Champagne.

2 thoughts on “Episode 55 : Sean Harris

  1. I have known Sean since he we were kids. You can’t overstate how laid back, and cool he really is. He’s not into controversy or confrontations. He’s into heavy jams and conversations. He’s one of my favorite people.

  2. Sean!! One of those smart down to earth hidden gems of talent. Glad to have gotten to know him! Learned a shit ton about music through him…

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