The Big Idea


I like to talk but I don’t just like to talk I like to listen. I like to have conversations. I have tried my hand at writing, I have been a musician, I’ve even tried acting, but what I love more than anything is a good chat. Some of my best ideas come and go in a conversation and never make it to the written world. So, since I like people and I like stories and I’m a big fan of the underdog this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to talk to people and record it. These aren’t interviews exactly although I call them that sometimes. They are mini forums, one on ones,and brainstorming sessions. The subjects are known to me and maybe mostly the community of Richmond, Virginia but I don’t think that matters if you know em already you’ll get to know them a little here and maybe you’ll learn something about yourself. I want you to identify and I want you disagree and I want you to say so. Don’t be shy.This is a town square I’m sweeping it but it’s yours. Make yourself at home.

At the get-together -Curtis Payne

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