Episode 67: Chrissie Griffith


Chrissie Griffith is a musician, a member of the Talking Heads tribute band Fear of Music and member of the band Lady God. I saw both bands not long ago and wanted to know more about this lady and wherefrom springs her music and style. She highlighted for me the limits of my literacy in local music and rather than feeling dumb I am glad to realize this little town has a music scene that is increasingly difficult to easily know. Cool chat. Enjoy sample of LG at the end.


Episode 66: DL Hopkins Part 2


Hey this is part two of my conversation with DL Hopkins. I already said what I had to say in the last blurb so ya know refer back to that one. This is part two so listen to part one, or don’t I think it works either way.


Episode 65: DL Hopkins – Part One


DL is a local actor whom I first became aware about a year ago as a member of the cast of the David Mamet play Race. I was unsettled by that play and impressed by him at the time. Later when I had Iman Shabazz on the podcast he mentioned DL as part of the Jazz Acting School and I made a mental note. But it was an encounter on Facebook over a New Yorker cartoon that ultimately brought DL to the dining room studio on Cedar St. We have a record breaking Tantric Conversation which will be presented in two 90 minute segments. It was a cathartic chat for me, heavy, funny and inspiring.IIt ends pretty abruptly at the 1hr 38 so stay tuned for part two.


Episode 64: Erik Sugg

Erik Studio

Erik was in one of my all time favorite Richmond bands, Dragstrip Syndicate. Now he’s an ex-expatriate who lives in North Carolina and fronts the band Demon Eye. I have always dug the guy and I dig him further after this conversation. We’re doing the laconic thing with the text so just press play or download below or git it on iTunes.  “Nuff Said!


Episode 63: Kelly Queener


Kelly Queener is a painter and musician, who plays in the band Peace Beast. I met her at The Broadberry where she was introduced to me by Kyle Harris as “someone else who like to talk about all of this esoteric shit that doesn’t matter”. So we sat down there and had a chat and I quickly decided this needed to be a Tantric Conversation. So here we go, a little chat, a little song sample, a very interesting and talented person she is I am sure you will agree. Also I have no idea what that message is about at the top, does it matter?

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Episode 62: Tantric Roundtable

roundtableA few weeks ago I invited Chip Cosby, Kyle Harris and Ryan Muldoon over for dinner and we set up the mics. We all like to talk about the esoteric and the transcendent and we all seem to have our feet firmly planted in rock and roll so I hatched this scheme to at least hang out if not record,so we got to talking and then I turned on the mics, what follows is a postprandial parley of a salon variety you will just have to guess at any given time who is talking since you can’t see us. Here goes.

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Episode 61: Erik Larson

Erik Larson is a drummer and guitar player. He was an early member of Avail, founding member of Alabama Thunderpussy and currently thrashes it in Parasytic. I’ve always liked chatting with him so this shit ran xtra tantric. But that’s how we roll if it keeps rollin it keeps rollin. You may have to take this in doses. So remember these podcasts can be found on iTunes where is is easy to download, subscribe or whatever. Enjoy.



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Episode 60: Jessie Star Kelley

Jessie Star Kelley
Jessie Star Kelley is merry prankster for the new millennium. She’s a traveler, a partier, a character I have always enjoyed. She blew back into town to shoot a reality series called Hell’s Satans and I invited her over to catch up and then I ended up turning on the mics and I’m glad I did. You can’t get much more RVA than JK. Strap in, strap on and rock out.
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Episode 59: Eric Manweller

Eric Manweller
Eric Manweller is an art teacher, painter and also the leader of Eric Hunter and the Distractions. When I met him he was in Peru and we haunted the same haunts and he was always good for some pub talk. I invited Eric to be on the cast aware that he is playing music but mainly because I remembered we’d always had good chats whenever we ran into each other. This was no exception. We kept rolling after the mics were off and it was a reminder for me that even if no one listens to these at all it’s a damn good excuse to hang out with great fucking people for an hour or so.

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Episode 58: Chip Cosby

ChipfernoChip Cosby is a musician and teacher of religious studies at VCU. I met him years ago when he first started dating his wife and she thought we’d hit it off based on the kind of thing we get into here. At the time I was not anywhere near the level of literate that he was but since then I have caught up a little bit, at least what I lack in scholarship I make up for with enthusiasm. This is maybe literally a tantric conversation so strap in..

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