Episode 38: Arik Roper

arik and me
Arik is an extremely talented artist who has carved an awesome niche for himself like water carves a niche in stone. He is one of the few people I have known who seems to have always known what he wanted to do and done it. Arik was my best friend and roommate during some formative and bonkers years in NY in the nineties. I cant overstate how much of an influence he had on me at the time. We started our first band together and had many other adventures but I was never as good at sticking with things but hey, somebody had to make him look good.(Photo circa 1996 courtesy of Marc Roth)

Episode 37: Jeff Simmermon

Jeff is a writer comedian and curator of a variety of live performers. His “And I am not Lying” variety show has been a thing for a while up in the Big City and Jeff has appeared on the Moth Radio Hour and This American Life. Most recently he’s been doing stand-up which brought him to town around Xmas for a show at Coalition Theatre. Look him up. He’s a sweetheart.

Episode 35:Eliza Skinner

Eliza is a pure bred Church Hill, Richmond, Virginia girl. I didn’t really know her growing up but since I have grown up I have become increasingly fascinated by what she is doing out in the world. I have a recently found a renewed appreciation for the comic arts, Eliza as a student and teacher of improv and Comedy writing who is making a career out of writing for other comedians such as Joan Rivers and Kamau Bell-as well as her own stand-up, is not only of interest to me as an ex pat Richmonder but as a comic and a writer. She’s funny as shit and I think also kind of a badass. If I did what she did I’d have curled up in a fetal position and pulled the covers over my head a long time ago. This is a long one and I get a little soapboxy but hopefully you can still enjoy Eliza even though you wish that I might Cailla la Voca at times.

Episode 28: Chuck Wrenn

Chuck Wrenn
Chuck Wrenn is one of the most dynamic dudes I’ve ever known. When I was kid he seemed to have living the good life down to a science. I don’t know anyone who has made as much of a continuing contribution to the cultural cornerstone of live music in Richmond. As a 30 year contributor to the great neighborhood get together that was High on the Hog he was part of a group of neighbors that gave something special to the people of Church Hill and Richmond that was a huge part of my upbringing, an annual fall ritual, a bachanaal of beer and butts that gets me all misty when I think about it. As the CPC always used to say E BOGUS BETTERI!(oh and I stole this picture from Terry Rea that’s him and Chuck back in the day)

Episode 25: Coby Batty

Coby Batty
Coby is a self-professed shaman, musician, actor, vagabond and Richmond icon. I have known him longer than I remember and maybe longer than that. He came over on a sunny fall Sunday and we got into some T.C. in the afternoon, talking about The Fugs and his recent acting roles and philosophy or in my case sophistry. Try to keep-up and if you’re not careful you just might learn something.
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Episode 13: Herschel Stratego


Herschel Stratego is a local song and dance man and wit who I knew almost nothing about going into this interview. I’d met him in person once during a failed attempt to take part in the 48 hour film festival. We had a great talk interrupted by some drama in my house/studio that would have been way more dour if it weren’t for the power of a man with a Ukelele. Stick around Herschel gives TC it’s first “In Studio” performance. Ha cha cha cha.

Sound City RVA


Episode 9: Jon Goldberg


Punchline week continues with Jon Goldberg. Jonny G. Old friend, brother, bother, and brogham. Jon has circled the globe pursuing the perfect font and knows his way round the art of the communicative image. Jon was the art director at Punchline midway through his career and trajectory through the world of advertising and branding. Hes got his own agency now and his own house and a wife and a dog and it still blows my mind he ain’t the guy who used to hog my sega genesis for hours on end while drinking all my beer. Ecoutez.

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Jon Goldberg

Episode 8: Ryan Muldoon


Ryan Muldoon former staff writer for Punchline Magazine and current writer of the blog Revolt of The Apes . Apparently I’m on a “where are they now?” run with the Punchline crew. And why not? Ryan and I are friends but haven’t spoken much in the last 10 years. We spent a lot of time talking and barely scratched the surface. It ain’t over yet, hell naw it ain’t.(Warning:serious geeking out ahead.)

Ryan Muldoon FX


Episode 4: Greta Brinkman


Greta Brinkman is a career musician and music lover who currently enjoys a nice perch in the Richmond area having toured in major bands and traveled the world. She is playing and recording with the Doom Metal band Druglord and hosts a radio show on WRIR Richmond Independent Radio called Locals Only. Greta has been a witness to many cycles and passages in pop culture and music and has an interesting perspective on what it means to be a musician these days. This is as good of an example of conversational riffing as I could hope for and I enjoyed it, hope you do too.

Greta Brinkman

Last Anthem Records
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The Big Idea


I like to talk but I don’t just like to talk I like to listen. I like to have conversations. I have tried my hand at writing, I have been a musician, I’ve even tried acting, but what I love more than anything is a good chat. Some of my best ideas come and go in a conversation and never make it to the written world. So, since I like people and I like stories and I’m a big fan of the underdog this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to talk to people and record it. These aren’t interviews exactly although I call them that sometimes. They are mini forums, one on ones,and brainstorming sessions. The subjects are known to me and maybe mostly the community of Richmond, Virginia but I don’t think that matters if you know em already you’ll get to know them a little here and maybe you’ll learn something about yourself. I want you to identify and I want you disagree and I want you to say so. Don’t be shy.This is a town square I’m sweeping it but it’s yours. Make yourself at home.

At the get-together -Curtis Payne