Episode 77 : Kevin Willoughby

Kevin W

Kevin Willoughby is a drummer, sound man and all around solid guy. He’s played in Peru, Exebelle and the Rusted Cavalcade, The Sweater Band, Eagles of Freedom and is known as A.C. Fader, front of the house engineer for Three Sheets to the Wind. He does sound at Hardywood Craft Brewery, which in and of itself is a major accomplishment considering the cavernous, bizarre space that is and the bands always sound good. He’s also the Studio Engineer at Scott’s Addition Sound. Kevin and I have been crossing paths for a while and I appreciate his mellow nature and affable way. We sat down to this a few months ago but the his mic picked up nothing, so this is a re-match. As I state in the intro all the history questions happened on that one and we just go from where we are now. Enjoy. I think he’s finally pointed me the right way vis a vis microphones and sound settings for this podcast. Yuss.

Episode 76 : Alison Hancock


Alison Hancock drummer, bass player, former member of Hot Dolphin, current member of Peace Beast came by on a Sunday afternoon to talk. I had mic issues I think I forgot to mention that, but I know what it is now, bad mic. We had a sprawling conversation about relationships, music and spirituality, the big three. I enjoyed getting to know her a little. It’s pretty awesome when a stranger comes over and leaves a friend, well maybe an acquaintance, ok.. Facebook friends. I missed out on Hot Dolphin but will not miss out on anything else this talented,cool woman does in the future. I wish I didn’t  have to write these blurbs at all, but you have to put something here, right?  It’s kind of redundant since we cover anything I want to write here in the podcast. Its an aural experience so stop reading already and listen. It’s on iTunes. Subscribe.

Episode 75 : Bob Nastanovich

Bob N

Bob Nastanovich is a former member of Pavement and the Silver Jews. He’s been a tour manager, a horse racing afficianado and is an all around charming dude. One of the most enthusiastic lovers of music I’ve ever met and one of the only people I can’t recall ever seeing without a massive grin on his face and wink in his eye. He spent his teen years in RVA and though he has long since flown the coop. He returns to roost every now and then to see family and this is when I snared him into doing my show. Its starting to be a tradition that I grab these Richmond ex-pats when they get sucked back by the holiday family vortex. The Garden State effect or something. This time out he spun some records at Balliceaux and helped raise some money for Feedmore. I hadn’t seen him since the 90’s when I worked at the label his band was on and I have to admit I was fairly surprised it was so easy to set this up. It’s about as ADD a podcast gets but a damn good time with an awesome bloke.

Episode 74 : Billy-Christopher Maupin

BC5This is my chat with actor, director, creative director and co- founder of 5th Wall Theatre. We’ve been trying to line something up for a while since I had the chance to see him in Race and Patty Issues and I guess it happened when it happened. BC and I have a long thematically consistent chat that is the kind of thing I am always looking for when I sit down across  from someone and turn on the mics. I heard him say and heard myself say things that I needed to hear. My hope is you do too. It’s a long one but well worth it. Tantric to the extreme.

Episode 73: Valient Himself

Valient HimselfThis is my conversation with Valient Himself of Valient Thorr, one of my favorite bands to see live. Valient Thorr blew me away a few years ago when I was living in Minnesota and I found it very synchronous to return to RVA and find Valient Himself lurking around here driving a cab for Napoleon. He’s also got a newer band called Brief Lives who are playing with RPG at Hardywood August 1st. so check that out.  He generously gave me an hour between a shitload of other engagements, so we could talk about Norman Lear and Comic Books, dig it.


Episode 72: Sean McClain

Sean M

Sean McClain has been around here for decades doing his thing from Chrome Daddy Disco to Bandito’s, to Chrome Daddy Disco at Bandito’s. He’s a guy I never took the time to talk to partly because he’s a guy and I’m not in to guys (shh) and partly because he’s a mod and I was something else. But after a nice afternoon of bro-ing down on being men of a certain age, who like women of a certain age, I realized I’ve been missing out on a helluva guy who has done more than his fair share to contribute to the life and lives of this town. I’m sure you’ll feel the same.


Episode 71: Ellie Quinn

Ellie and Co

This is my chat with Ellie Quinn burlesque performer, writer, producer and champion. We had a great time digging into the many facets of an Ellie Quinn production and I always welcome the chance to make boobies highbrow. Enjoy. There is something wrong with the sound but you won’t notice it after a while, I hope. That’s what I get for trying to upgrade.


Episode 70: Rashad Penn


Rashad is a former member of Strike the Chord and Burn and a current member of Ex Knives, at least that’s what he was calling his new project when we talked several months ago. This talk has been in the can for a while as I was in a slump and didn’t give shit about putting anything out there, so, it may be a little stale or it may be a little timeless. Who knows? You be the judge. I always thought Rashad was an interesting character but this was the first time I’ve ever had any kind of conversation with him. Church Hill kid meets Charles City Kid. Ramble On.


Episode 69; ) Dana Walters


Dana Walters old friend and Director of Project Yoga Richmond. I have known here for years although we lost touch for about 15 of them. I have recently struck up a new grown-up friendship with Dana and was excited to learn she is involved in Yoga which I both legitimately dig and use as my whole shtick but often fall out of practicing. Since this chat I’ve gotten back into it so, Om, kids and don’t forget to breathe.


Episode 68: Emily Skinner

Emily SkinnerEmily Skinner is a Richmond, Virginia, Church Hill girl I grew up with but haven’t seen in 30 years. She was in town for a production of Mame and stayed in the old neighborhood for a spell. We get together to catch up and talk about the changing face of Church Hill and Richmond as well as the changes time brings to all of us. I don’t know a lot about musical theater but I know she’s good at it and has always had that thing it takes ever since we were kids. So much so I that I don’t think I ever really knew her as more than a sort of performing arts kid. So, we rectify that quite a bit and have 30 years to catch-up on. Enjoy. Oh special paranoid rant to kick of the episode!